Bark & Grill: Esoteric

Few will get this gag. That’s the point.

Is it better to have a humor that is only understood by a small group of people? It’s better, many would say, to appeal to many. Only a few would say to appeal to a few.

I prefer the few.

It’s the whole inch-wide-mile-deep idea. For instance, my favorite musical artist is Ron Sexsmith. His music does not appeal to everyone and that is OK. Maybe Sexsmith would for his music to appeal to the masses, but then it wouldn’t be his music. Same goes for Andrew Bird and Mark Knopfler (although, an argument can be made for the latter with his Dire Straits success which, understandably, made him disband Dire Straits).

Humor, however, is a strange thing when it comes to “niche” markets. It doesn’t have aesthetics as music or illustration. It’s transferred thought. So it’s not so much a “taste” as it is a shared perspective; a preferred shared perspective in a strange language.

What are your outside-of-the-mainstream tastes? What is it that you love so much yet cannot understand why others don’t flock to it?

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