Magazines & Zines

A monthly collection of humorous stream-of-consciousness comics and writings; hand-drawn, free-flowing, creativity from my brain to yours. I consider this one a zine on account of it being printed statement-sized.

This is my first zine (2003-2004) originally created as a vehicle for “Perk@Work” (when they were animals). It grew from one page to a whole letter-sized magazine.

This magazine was created (2009-2010) as a vehicle for a graphic novel I was working on with my buddy Trevor Hodgkins – he was the writer and I was the illustrator. It had other stuff in it as well.

Comic Strip Collections

The first collection of my comic strip “Perk@Work.”

The second collection of my comic strip “Perk@Work.”

The third collection of my comic strip “Perk@Work.”

A collection of my faith-based comic strip “In the Way.” This was when I was heavy into Messianic Judaism/Hebraic Roots.


In this, my first full-length novel, Perk (from “Perk@Work“) stumbles into a paranormal mystery – a ghost is terrorizing a small town and jeopardizing a family business in the process.

Four short stories featuring the characters from my comic strip “Perk@Work.”