Bark & Grill: Zombies

If such a thing as a zombie apocalypse were to happen, it would either come super quick or super slow; nothing in between. Why? In between is manageable. Super fast is too fast to build systems to combat it. Super slow is an insidious creep that is unnoticed (or even approved of) until it is too late. I say the latter.

Unnoticed, maybe, Jason,” you say, “but approved of? Come on!”

I would respond with “Yes, and probably both at the same time.”

What is a zombie? Technically, it’s a corpse that has been reanimated through dark forces. Yet, I think it could also be a living creature that is as good as dead. Sure, taking the definition and redefining it is a bit of a cheat, but hear me out.

It really doesn’t matter what a zombie is, but rather what the zombie does. Zombie is as zombie does, so to speak. If some undead guy was walking around just smelling flowers, there would be little fear (disgust and confusion, yes, but no real fear). A zombie is a threat to humans. So, whether the zombie started out dead and is living again or is a living version of a soulless human doesn’t matter. Both are a threat.

Nihilism is on the rise. Nihilism strips life of its meaning and thereby strips the nihilist of a soul. The nihilistic human is merely an organism. Once that mindset is adopted, the being discards the soul and becomes soulless. Soulless humans are as good as dead – they are technically living, but only for the sake of self-gratification.

One last little nugget: zombies prey on brains. Nihilism is rampant in our educational systems, especially in higher education. Wrap your head around that.

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