I love zines! I think every artist should make one each month and share it. Yeah, they can be a lot of work and no one likes the criticism that comes from putting something out there in the world, but they’re a great creative outlet. They don’t have to be perfect or even all that good, they just have to express your ideas and art.

If you’re not artistic, you benefit from seeing what artists are creating. As a bonus, artists themselves can see what other artists are creating. It’s good energy.

A zine doesn’t have to be magazine-quality – that’s why it’s a “zine,” not a “magazine.” Sometimes a zine is simply one piece of paper folded up with some stuff written on it. If you created them, you can sell them, give them away, or share them in some other manner (online, ebook, etc.).

In any case, here are links to pages with my zines.

Oddballs – A stream-of-consciousness comic, given to my paid SubStack subscribers

Burrito (under construction) – A fun zine spotlighting a graphic novel I was working on with a buddy

One Lump or Two – My first zine. This was created as a vehicle for my comic strip Perk@Work

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