The Daily Times: Meaningful Conversations

“Meaningful” is subjective. A lot of it depends on one’s personality type. With that in mind, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to have what you think is a meaningful conversation with someone whose idea of “meaningful” is not yours. An example would be if you like conversations about reality shows and what’s happening in […]

The Daily Times: Plant-Based

Is it just me or is there a divide amongst folks as to the meat-eaters and the non-meat-eaters? Full disclosure, I’m a meat-eater. I also eat plants. I eat a lot of stuff. I like to eat. Below is the comic for those who get the email (the image doesn’t go through a lot of […]

The Daily Times: Weight Loss

Do you battle with your weight? I do. “Eat better and exercise more,” actually works, if both of those factors are defined in concrete terms. In my experience, the “eat better” part plays the biggest role. That said, for me, it’s easier to run five miles than it is to not eat sugar.

The Daily Times: No Talking

The saying, “Silence is golden” is but half of the phrase. The complete proverb is, “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” Now, that is beautiful. And it eliminates the wise guy who will say something like, “Silence is golden, but the right word is platinum!” I think I’ve said too much.

The Daily Times: Chicken

Food brings people together (i.e., breaking bread), but when there’s an issue with the food, that could make an issue with the togetherness. It’s no secret that the chicken industry is flawed, mostly due to expediency and girth of the product. Yet the market (us) demands, so the industry supplies. The ethics (or lack thereof?) […]

The Daily Times: Email Man

What would it be like if we got emails like we got snail mail — once a day? I bet those emails would be finely crafted. But, instead, we get emails all the time. ALL THE TIME! There’s something good to that but something bad to that as well. Double-edged sword.

The Daily Times: Computer Problems

Ever wonder how dirty your keyboard is? How often do you wash it and/or disinfect it? There are so many things we don’t think are dirty, but we touch without hesitation nor with cleaning afterwards: car door handles, shoelaces, water faucet handles, etc. For some, this realization causes panic. For others, like myself, it’s reassuring. […]

The Daily Times: Big Words

Language, like many things in life, is a wonderful resource but only when it is not overused. The basic function of language is to communicate. Yet, when it is inundated with verbosity and/or convoluted syntax, it yields the antithesis of the desired objective. In short, simpler is better. Many writers are criticized for writing at […]

The Daily Times: Mistake

Humility is not one of Eugene’s strongest traits. It’s probably not in his traits bucket. Then again, who of us can claim to have gobs of humility? If we profess such, humility goes out of the window. Strange how pride and humility cannot exist in the same person at the same time. It’s almost as […]

The Daily Times: Bingo

On the surface, the idea of taking someone to Bingo for a first date seems silly. Yet, I propose that it’s an amazing idea! Allow me to explain. Cal is not good with women simply because he’s fit and handsome (although those attributes do help), but because he’s not boring. I have found that people […]

The Daily Times: Charlie

For fans of Perk at Work, you’ll recognize ol’ Charlie. I don’t like cats, but I love Charlie! I believe there’s something deep inside of us that makes us love animals. As a Christian, I believe that something was embedded by a great and awesome Creator, of whom I cannot explain nor define. Perhaps animal […]


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