Old Stuff: Bringing You Not-So-New News

Published in “One Lump or Two,” November 2003 – Click here to view the PDF

Your number-one source for the latest breaking news stories is found elsewhere. That’s about the size of it. We’re not here to bring you the biggest stories from around the world. We’re here to give you a break from it. Every now and then something may creep into a column that may look like a news story and may walk like a news story, but it doesn’t necessarily make it a news story. This writer has no training in journalism. This writer has no degree from any university. This writer doesn’t know what makes writers good and what makes writers bad. No worries though.

My mission is to give you something to read during those precious fifteen minutes you have to yourself in the morning and in the afternoon – those few minutes when you are paid to sit and sip some coffee while trying not to think about how many minutes you have left before returning to the grind. Folks, I’m talking about your break. It’s what I like to call “the best work perk.” Some of you may enjoy getting away from work while others enjoy returning to it. I like getting back to work. Some may think I’m a little nutty. I just like working.

So, what will be in this little publication? Who knows? That’s the beauty of it. After countless hours of trying to piece together what will and what will not be inserted, I came to the conclusion that it will have to form itself. It is my hope that you will find something within this paper that will bring a smile to your face or a thought to your mind. So, how do you take your coffee?

Author’s note: I made some grammatical corrections to this piece. If you’re curious, check out the PDF to see my typos and mishaps.