Perk@Work: Turtle

If you’re like most people, you do not believe that the earth is flat. Perhaps your logic is, “It makes no sense,” or, “Science says otherwise!” That’s fair.

The current culture is so inebriated with what it calls “science” that it misses many points. I say that because so many people think that “science” is a synonym for “absolute truths” or “undeniable facts of the universe.” Science, as we all know, is ever-changing. It’s an endeavor and will continue to be an endeavor, not an end in and of itself. If you’re a science-lover, and if you have stuck around this far, don’t leave just yet.

If you’re here, I’d bet dollars to donuts that you like stories (movies, books, shows, etc.) Why? Those aren’t real or scientifically true. And, furthermore, I venture to guess that you spend more time watching movies/shows than reading straightforward science-based textbooks and such. Why?

We could keep talking about reality and illusion, energy and matter, myths, and truths, but we would go on and on and on. Like turtles all the way down.

On a similar yet not-so-similar note, if you like thoughtful, emotion-laden YA novels, this one may strike a chord: