Perk@Work Character: Wren

Wren is the “Technology Director” at The Daily Times, the newspaper housed in the office on the third floor. As Tech Director, Wren does anything that involves computers, with the exception of Graphic Design.

He’s intelligent and insightful and more people would know that if he weren’t so pedantic. Wren is a humorist and cartoonist who is smart enough to know he shouldn’t quit his day job because “such an act would not be advantageous considering both endeavors can be pursued in tandem.”


Wren has changed over the years. When I started the webcomic in earnest in late 2008, Wren looked like this:

2008 10-30 “Wren”

As I continued to make comics, day after day, my drawing style changed. Here’s what Wren looked like a little later:

2010 08-30 “Wren’s Five Points”

Once, while I was selling books at a comic con, an attendee told me that he looked just like a character from a TV show. I checked it out and, sure enough, they looked the same. So I changed him. Initially, I just buzzed his hair:

2011 06-03 “Hair Cut-Up”

However, I made a change later to better reflect Wren’s personality and ethnicity. This is the first strip with his new look:

2014 06-24 “Cute Insult”

Of course, way back when, Wren was altogether unrecognizable! Here’s how he looked when I introduced him for the very first time back in 2004:

As you can clearly see, at this point, the characters were not human. Looking at them now, they don’t even look like the animals I intended for them to be – Wren, of course, was supposed to be a wren and Perk was supposed to be a fat chihuahua-dachshund mix. Both just look like blobs with minor features. Oh, well.

The whole cast, at that time, was animals. If you’re curious, here’s that old line up:

From left to right: Harrell, T.C., Cal, Mr. Argyle, Lindy, Wren, Compa, Eugene, Sheryl, Pat, Moxy, and Perk