Perk@Work Characters

The current cast of Perk@Work consists of seven characters (below).


Perk works in a cafe located on the ground floor of an office building that houses The Daily Times, a newspaper publishing company which has its offices on the third floor.

He’s a nice guy… except when he’s not. He’s also kind of smart… except when he’s not. All this makes an all-around normal guy… except when he’s not.

Perk is a bit girl-crazy yet can’t seem to figure out how to navigate the land of romance. He has a deficiency in ambition, yet he’s trying to overcome that. He’s also broke and carless which may be linked to that lack of ambition. However, what he lacks in gumption, he makes up for in earnestness.

If nothing else, Perk is genuine. Even if his genuine self is a bit off.


Cal is a freelance copywriter who contributes to The Daily Times, as well as other publications and media. He is athletic, charming, and handsome. This makes him popular with the ladies. With no set hours, he comes and goes as he pleases. Cal lives a charmed life and he has the ego that comes with it.

Mr. Argyle

Mr. Argyle owns the cafe business, The Daily Times, and the entire office building to boot, as well. as rental properties on the side. What he lacks in formal education he makes up for in experience.

Mr. Argyle would like to see average folks pick themselves up by the bootstraps and really live. Unfortunately, the majority of the folks he meets would rather kick off their shoes and kick back.


Henna is the “temporary” receptionist and the face of The Daily Times. She’s taking a break from college while she figures out how to pay for it without taking out loans. She’s an idealist flower child who is still trying to figure out the world. What she lacks in ambition, she makes up for in gentle charm.


Eugene is the Graphic Designer for The Daily Times. He creates the advertisements and puts together the supplemental publications. An artist by nature, Eugene naturally gravitates toward those areas. He’s a bassist in a band called Junx and the dream of Eugene and his bandmates is to make playing music a full-time gig.


Sheryl works at The Daily Times in the Accounting and Distribution office. After a life of penny-pinching and short-changing wherever possible, she’s squirreled up enough to retire in a few years… at least, that’s what she thought a few years ago. And while she hates work, what’s one more year of hell to pad that retirement account?


Wren is the “Technology Director” at The Daily Times. As Tech Director, Wren does anything that involves computers, with the exception of Graphic Design.

He’s intelligent and insightful and more people would know that if he weren’t so pedantic. Wren is a humorist and cartoonist who is smart enough to know he shouldn’t quit his day job because “such an act would not be advantageous considering both endeavors can be pursued in tandem.”

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If you’re familiar with the strip, you may notice that these three characters dropped off:


Compa works in the kitchen with Perk. He is something of a short order cook, though not a lot of orders come his way. Compa doesn’t understand why some people try so hard to achieve some strange form of success. To him, success is having enough money at the tail end of his paycheck to buy something “cherry” for his car.


Moxy is the sole Advertising Representative for The Daily TimesShe’s pretty – has been her whole life – and it helps in her role. Moxy works hard and plays hard. She likes the idea of working smarter and possibly playing smarter, but she hasn’t figured that out yet.


Newly hired at the cafe, Candy was brought on to give some relief to Perk. Yet, that’s not what she does. If anything she can make life a little tougher for him. Candy loves the 80s yet was too young to experience the decade for herself. She justifies it by considering herself an “old soul” (even though no one else sees her that way).