The neighborhood critters flock to the Bark & Grill to discuss whatever neighborhood critters discuss. Whether it’s a Boston Terrier talking about UFOs, or a tabby cat angry over the males in her life, they’re all chatting it over at the Bark & Grill.

Bark & Grill is a comic strip I developed for syndication. It’s interesting to note that this comic was 1. not meant for anything other than a fun, little side project, and 2. basically an extension of my comic Pubbies.


Below are the strips I sent off for syndication. I realize they’re not of standard size and, if you’re curious as to why, I’ll give more details at the tail end of this page.

  1. Mortality
  2. White Hat
  3. Dumbest
  4. Bluebird
  5. Rush
  6. Robotics
  7. Ghost
  8. A Book
  9. Butts
  10. Alternative Outlets
  11. Spanish Prisoner
  12. Rejection
  13. King James
  14. Vampire
  15. Augmented
  16. Future Headache
  17. Esoteric
  18. Zombies
  19. Wanda
  20. Lydia & Lani
  21. Pug and Puck
  22. Fake News
  23. Tunnel
  24. Eye
  25. History
  26. Lasers
  27. Sea Monkey
  28. Snails
  29. Guilt
  30. Magic
  31. Monk
  32. Stoic
  33. Gypsy
  34. Gummy Teeth
  35. Moral Compass
  36. Twin
  37. Simulation
  38. Jam
  39. Old Fashioned

As promised, here’s the reason why I have not sized this comic in a standard newspaper comic strip size.

I had decided to start drawing comics again after a long hiatus. I thought it might be fun to make them in a square format, so that I could post them on Instagram. I had some Bristol board, 14″ X 17″ which I could cut in half to be 8.5″ X 14″. I thought it would be best to trim that down to a standard 8.5″ X 11″ in case I wanted to keep them in a portfolio of sorts. That left a little trimming of 8.5″ X 3″. I stacked those on the side of my desk, not wanting to toss them.

When I worked at MAD Magazine, Sergio Aragonés would submit his Marginals on these little slips of paper. I thought that was a good use of little strips of paper.

I used these little strips of paper to draw a simple comic (as mentioned above). I didn’t measure anything out, just drew them up.

This is the first one I did.

I figured that, if a syndicate wanted to pick me up, they would ask me to redo them in a standard format. No syndicate has picked it up… yet. 🙂

If I decide to continue with this property down the line, I’ll do them in a standard format. Until then, here they are, in all their not-so-standard glory.