Vintage Stuff: Bowl-A-Rama

Back in 2003, I had an idea for a game called “Bowl-A-Rama.” In my mind, this was going to be a “fantasy ” fantasy game – like fantasy football, only there would be no actual human players. The players would be characters and their scores would be generated according to a simulated model.

Unfortunately, at the time, I had no idea how something like this would be done. Now, of course, I could have made an app – probably still can, but that’s not necessarily my goal in life nor a priority at the moment. Besides, there are a zillion apps and, after further thought, why would anyone play a fantasy version of bowling when they can simply play a bowling video game… or fantasy football or fantasy baseball?

Regardless, at the time, I was stoked about the idea. So much so that I created a bunch of characters. Granted, I’ve always been the type of artist who loves to build characters so it really didn’t matter what the idea was as long as it was a way to draw up some fun images.

Below are the characters that I drew up. To present them now, I placed them in a trading card format. Why not?

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