Webdonuts and Walls

I’m listening to “Million Dollar Habits” by Brian Tracy. In it, he states that you cannot fulfill your potential if you lived 100 lifetimes (or something to that effect). At first, I felt as though that was some sort of exaggeration meant to produce a reaction; a catalyst for change and/or action. It’s easy to disregard statements we deem as hyperbole.

But then I got to thinking. Is it true that the only limitations I have are the ones placed on me by myself? Yes, indeed!

I like to read “Webdonuts” by Gruhn on Instagram. His webcomic was one of the few I frequented when I was heavy in the medium (producing and reading). His most recent post displays an interactive wall. I watched the video of him making it. It truly is amazing! Take a look for yourself:

Bash, my son, is three years old. It had never occurred to me to create something like this; especially the interactive part. Yet, it’s possible for me (or you or anyone) to do something similar if I put in the discipline of learning how to do it and the hard work of execution. Just because I, myself, haven’t done something like this, doesn’t mean it’s not within my potential… and within yours too!

I’m inspired! I may or may not do something like an interactive wall, but it opens my mind up to possibilities. What do I want to do? What can I do if I simply allowed myself to believe I can do it? Thanks, Gruhn, for the inspiration!

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