Perk@Work: Aviators

Are you someone who wears sunglasses? I’ve noticed that sunglasses wearers come in two categories:

  1. Those who basically have one pair of sunglasses and know where they are at all times, and
  2. Those who have a zillion pairs laying around everywhere and they get lost all the time

Personally, I don’t wear sunglasses. If I did, I would be in Category One. After all, I am blind as a bat and I wear glasses – those precious objects that keep me from functioning. If I lose my glasses, I’m dead in the water.

Side note: I realize there are people who are fully blind who function in society and that’s a good thing. Yet, their lives are structured around the lack of eyesight. Mine is structured around the use of eyesight. There’s the rub.

I guess I could wear those glasses that turn into sunglasses in direct sunlight. But, I don’t like not having control over the tint. Once, I got glasses with magnetic, snap-on tinted lenses but I didn’t like having to carry them around everywhere. And I wasn’t confident enough to wear those Dwayne Wayne ones.

I will say this: if I got LASIK, I may sport some sunglasses. Maybe those non-sunglasses 80’s deals, the ones with slats. Although, I may have to grow a mullet and wear a headband too. Not sure if I’m that committed. That said, if I would get blue blockers. That’s for sure!

Have you ever lost your sunglasses? Do you have an interesting story about it? I’d love to hear it in the comments below. 

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