The Daily Times: Big Words

Language, like many things in life, is a wonderful resource but only when it is not overused. The basic function of language is to communicate. Yet, when it is inundated with verbosity and/or convoluted syntax, it yields the antithesis of the desired objective.

In short, simpler is better.

Many writers are criticized for writing at a third grade level. Yet, there’s a beauty in that. There may be a sense of pride that comes with an increase of diction, but big or obscure words, even if they are more accurate, may confuse rather than communicate. Or, sadly, communicate arrogance.

I’m not saying that we should abandon the pursuit of expanding our vocabulary, only noting that it’s better to speak simply and directly than to try to impress others. After all, communication is about sharing.

That said, I believe “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Word Crimes” is brilliant.

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