The Daily Times: Bingo

On the surface, the idea of taking someone to Bingo for a first date seems silly. Yet, I propose that it’s an amazing idea! Allow me to explain.

Cal is not good with women simply because he’s fit and handsome (although those attributes do help), but because he’s not boring. I have found that people are interested in interesting people. Sounds simplistic, and maybe it is, but it’s true.

When it comes to first dates, the more interesting, the better. Here are my reasons:

  1. Interesting dates activate the minds of those involved, making them more open to understanding each other – the brain isn’t on autopilot.
  2. Interesting dates may evoke unforeseen emotions. By that, I mean that there’s no way for anyone to know how they’ll feel doing something out of the ordinary with a new person. It may be good or bad, but it will still be more emotional than nothing or the same-old-same-old.
  3. Interesting dates are more memorable. And, after all, we’re made up of our memories. Why not make them interesting?
  4. A guy who can come up with an interesting date shows he’s at least trying.
  5. If the couple gets married, the interesting first date is a great story. At least a lot better than “dinner and a movie.”

The fact that Moxy doesn’t bit doesn’t mean Cal’s technique doesn’t work, it just means that she’s not biting. She’s got her opinions on Cal so his charms find no purchase.

On a similar note, I also think that pulling weeds is a good idea for a first date as well. But that’s a discussion for another time.

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