The Daily Times: Remarry

On a personal note, I am remarried; second marriage. Every relationship, of course, is different. But I believe that divorce is never a good thing.

Some may say, “Well, what if the person is in an abusive marriage?” or the like. That’s not necessarily a defense of divorce (although I that may be a solution), but rather, a symptom of a bad choice in a mate or poor lifestyle choices or communication in the relationship.

Some may now retort, “People change! What if the person you marry became someone completely different!” Perhaps. But a leopard doesn’t change its spots. It may be harsh to hear, but we, as a culture, have abandoned the extreme vetting process of finding a suitable spouse (or trying to be one). I venture to guess that well over half of us are guilty of such.

On another note, divorce can wreak havoc on one’s confidence and outlook on love. Some overcompensate in the attempt at being the opposite of the crappy spouse they once were (that’s me), while others don’t change and get into similar relationships, and still others give up or fail (Mr. Jackovich above can attest to that). There has to be a healthy way of healing, but it’s like trying to solve a math equation with too many variables.

On a lighter note, there is love out there in the world. Yes, many of us are broken, but we can mend. And, what better yet, we can find someone with whom we can mend with and bond tightly together in the process.

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