Bark & Grill: Guilt

I wrote this gag while on a walk. I was thinking about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and how the thoughts of stupid mistakes/actions from our past tend to haunt us. It wasn’t a far leap from haunting to “Ghostbusters.” So I mashed the two ideas together.

I have heard of people purging traumatic memories from their mind. I can’t say that has ever happened to me. Then again, if it had, I still couldn’t say because I wouldn’t know.

They say “History repeats itself.” I believe the memories of our regrettable moments are there as personal cautionary tales to keep us from making the same mistake or to help us become better humans.

On another note, I enjoyed learning some new techniques in Procreate to color this strip. The more I learn about that app, the more I love it!

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