Bark & Grill: Sea Monkey

If my memory serves me right, I first saw Sea Monkeys in an ad in the back of a comic book, alongside X-Ray glasses and the like. The idea of having little human-like underwater creatures as pets sounded too good to be true. And, of course, it was.

Yet, for all the disappointment of what I thought was false advertising, Sea Monkeys proved to be a fun purchase.

First of all, the idea of a packet of dust that turned into living creatures was, and still is, amazing! It seems like something not of this world. Secondly, while the creatures were not human-like AT ALL, they did prove to be fun to watch through the magnification bubbles on the little aquarium.

If you’re a fan of Sea Monkeys, it’s best to not look into the guy who created them. Trust me. Regardless, they’re still available! Click here to check them out on Amazon.

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