Bark & Grill: History

I’ll admit it: I think there’s validity to the Mandela Effect. The whole idea is outlandish until we start seeing some examples. Then it begins to feel as though either it’s real or we’ve gone nuts.

How does déjà vu fit into the Mandela Effect? Well, if there is a way to manipulate history, there may also be a way to alter history, what if we’re living in the history that the future is manipulating?

Think about it: we could be sitting at a pub, like the squirrels in the comic, and something occurs. Then, that same moment is replayed so that something changes ever so slightly, possibly nearby. Those sensitive to such a rift may notice it, albeit in a strange and inexplicable way.

The next time I have déjà vu, I’m going to say to the void, “Ah, I see what you did there!”

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