Bark & Grill: Lydia & Lani

I am not a fan of mermaids. At first blush, that may sound absurd, but hear me out. By the end of this little commentary, you too, my friend, may be wary of the creatures.

The first thing we need to consider is whether mermaids are living creatures on this earth. I believe they are real. Now, before you commit me to the loony bin, understand that I place mermaids in the cephalopod class – octopi, squids, cuttlefish, etc.

Many cephalopods can shape-shift. It’s quite fascinating!

These creatures are relatively new finds. Consider the fact that more than 80% of the oceans are unexplored. I believe there are creatures within that 80% that have yet to be discovered and classified.

The mermaid could be a cephalopod that can mimic the female human form to curious or lustful men closer, then attack and eat them. Animals are all about survival and predators are not merciful. I doubt such creatures would be staging musicals and making merry.

As a little treat, here is one of my Random Monster cards:

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