Revisit: “Text at Work”

Original post date: November 18, 2009

Many readers may not know this, but my website for Perk at Work was hacked years ago. The end result was that the website and all the content – comics, blogs, stories, comments, everything – was lost. Stupidly, I hadn’t backed up the site, but I do still have the comics.

And I’m reposting them, little by little.

As I do so, I’m seeing these comics in a new light. I’m older (in the case of this comic, a decade older) and times have changed. It’s weird and fun.

This strip, “Text at Work,” doesn’t make much sense in 2020. People have grown so accustomed to texting at work that it has even become a part of how coworkers, bosses, everyone communicates. Strange to think that it was taboo way back when.

There are still places where having one’s phone is not kosher. When our son was in daycare, there were no phones allowed. And, to an extent, food servers don’t text at the table and I’m sure many restaurants don’t allow phones in the front of house.

So maybe this strip is still relevant!

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