Perk’s Five Points

Q & A with Perk

Q: What are your vital statistics when it comes to:

Age? A: “I don’t like telling people my age because I haven’t fin- ished college yet. I’m not insecure about it… well, I guess I am a little bit. OK, I’m 27.”

Height? A: “Five-ten and a half. Not tall but not short.”

Weight? A: “Oh, about one seventy. It varies though. Sometimes I get on a burger streak and, before I know it, I’ve gained around ten pounds. I love burgers, they’re my weakness. Fries too with ranch dressing. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Maybe I’ll have Compa fire up a burger for lunch…”

Q: What kind of work do you do and do you like it?

A: “I work at a cafe in an office building. It’s on the ground floor and usually I see a lot of the people who work upstairs… regulars. We do get some walk ins but not many. It’s nice because it feels like I work with them instead of for them. They’re my friends and I enjoy talking with them. Do I like the job itself? I like it OK. It’s not my dream job but I really don’t know what my dream job is so it’ll do for now. I’d like to get a paycheck and not actually have to work but then I think I’d miss the people.”

Q: What is your home life like?

A: “I live in a small house with a couple of other guys but they’re not there much. One of the guys is always with his girlfriend and the other guy is cooped up in his room a lot, I think he’s on the computer. It’s not bad. I do look forward to the day I’m married and living with a wife because sometimes a house full of guys can get kind of caveman-like, if that makes sense.”

Q: What are some of your likes and dislikes?

A: “I’m a very simple person. I like lots of things but nothing super much, you know? It’s not like I hope to be a rock star or an actor or anything. I just kind of want to live. I do like the idea of business but I don’t know where to start with that. Plus I can’t really figure out what kind of business I want to be in. I don’t want to open up some store just for the sake of opening up a store. That’s no fun. At the same time, I don’t want to be an employee forever. I just don’t know. As for dislikes, I can say that I don’t like how people judge other people. I do what I can to understand where people are coming from but sometimes other people just kind of judge me based on who they think I am, not who I really am.”

Q: What’s something embarrassing about yourself that you don’t openly share with people?

A: “I don’t like being too far from a familiar and private bathroom. Stadiums make me nervous, all those strange dirty bathrooms with strangers in them.”

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