Henna’s Five Points

Q & A with Henna

Q: What are your vital statistics when it comes to:

Age? A: “Twenty-two. It’s the best age to be ’cause I’m officially
an adult but I don’t have to really act like one. But part of me thinks it’s stupid to say people are adults only after a certain age. It should be more a matter of maturity. But not like buzz-kill maturity because that’s so, like, boring.”

Height? A: “Five foot one. I’m tiny but I’m strong!”

Weight? A: “One fifteen. I know I’m not supposed to answer that but I never understood why. I mean who would I be fooling if I was like 300 pounds? Come on, everyone can see fat rolls and you know they’re not filled with air.”

Q: What kind of work do you do and do you like it?

A: “I’m a gopher for a real estate company. They build and sell and develop and everything. It’s all kinda complicated to me. They want me to learn real estate and part of me thinks I should. But I still want to finish up my degree. That’s important, right?. They say I could make a lot of money because of my attitude but I’d have to take a bunch of classes and tests and isn’t that what school is for, not work?”

Q: What is your home life like?

A: “Home is kinda everywhere, right? Right now I live in a house with like four other people: two guys and two girls for now, but it’s always changing. Someone moves out and someone else moves in. It’s this big huge house with a pool that one of the guys, Joey, owns… well, his parents own and he lives there for free but the rest of us have to pay rent. There’s always something going on with all of us living there. Sometimes there’s drama but most of the time we’re just like, you know, chilling. Joey’s pretty cool. He’s older and he keeps the peace for the most part. It’s good having him there because he makes sure us girls are safe. He’ll also kick out bad roommates when they act up so he’s kinda like our live-in landlord. I like my room. It has it’s own patio.”

Q: What are some of your likes and dislikes?

A: “I just do different things, whatever kinda comes to mind. It’s
not like I have a hobby or anything. I go running. Is that a hobby?
I dunno. Most of my time is eaten up going out with friends and Facebook. I guess one thing I don’t like are mean people! Is it “one thing” or ‘things’ because I said ‘people’ and isn’t that more than one person?”

Q: What’s something embarrassing about yourself that you don’t openly share with people?

A: “I’ve been to a nude beach or two… or three. I’ll probably go again. Oh, I’m supposed to say ‘clothing optional’ because people are sensitive and stuff. I’m not embarrassed about it, but this one guy found out and like stalked me for a long time. I guess he thought it was something I do like all the time. Some people think it’s an exhibitionist thing but it’s more like freedom and all that. Don’t tell my dad though. He’d freak out about it even though he was like a total hippie in his day.”

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