Cal’s Five Points

Q & A with Cal

Q: What are your vital statistics when it comes to:

Age? A: “Thirty-five. My mom thinks I should have a family and all that by now. My dad calls me lucky to still be single. I think they’re both right sometimes.”

Height? A: “Six-three.”

Weight? A: “I aim to stay under two hundred. When I get close, I start to push it at the gym. Sure, I could bulk up but I like the agility of a lower weight.”

Q: What kind of work do you do and do you like it?

A: “I”m a freelance copy writer. Most of my work involves press releases for corporations, boring stuff like that, but it pays good. I like writing for magazines. They don’t pay as much as the dry stuff for corporate outfits but it’s more fun. I’ll get with an editor and submit an idea for an article and, if he likes it, he’ll let me run with it. I like writing for guys’ magazines. That’s a blast because I can write about good night spots to hit or exercise regiments. All those articles are mostly freelance. That’s the stuff I do. I love it. Especially clubs. I’ll call up the owner and tell him I’m writing a piece on clubs and I want to check out his place to see if it’s worth mentioning in such- and-such magazine, and usually they give me the royal treatment. Yeah, I dig that.”

Q: What is your home life like?

A: “I have a condo, a nice place. You’ve gotta keep your digs up to
snuff. You never know when you’ll be… a-hem… entertaining.”

Q: What are some of your likes and dislikes?

A: “I like women. That takes up a good amount of my time – they deserve our time and attention. If you’re communicating with more than two chicks at a time, you’ve gotta keep track. They know the score, they know I’m talking to other girls. I tell ‘em. But, at the same time, when I’m with one girl, I’m with her. It’s a matter of fo- cus. They pick up on that. So, yeah, women are in the ‘likes’ column. I also like outdoors stuff: biking, running, skiing, you know, all that. As for dislikes, well… I don’t dwell too much on stuff I don’t like – I discard it almost immediately. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what I don’t like but, when it rears it’s ugly head, I lop it off.”

Q: What’s something embarrassing about yourself that you don’t openly share with people?

A: “Ghosts scare me. Ghosts and people with pointy teeth. I went out with this one chick with pointy teeth. That didn’t last long at all.”

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